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Management of Infantile Colic

Colic is defined as ‘episodes of irritability, fussing, or crying that begin and end for no apparent reason and last at least 3 hours a day, at least 3 days a week, for at least one week’.1

Colic is a common problem in the first months of an infant’s life and affects between 2% - 21% of infants worldwide.2

Symptoms of colic include:1

  • Excessive and persistent loud crying, mostly occurring late in the afternoon
  • During a colic episode, the infant appears distressed, irritable, fussy, contracts the legs and becomes red-faced.

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Fig. 2. Management of infantile colic.

CM: Cow's milk; pHF: Partially hydrolysed formula; eHF:: Extensively hydrolysed formula; FF: formula feeding; CMFD: cow milk free diet.