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Management of Infantile Gassiness

Gassiness is defined as an excess of air in the digestive tract, causing abdominal distension and pain. The presence of air in the digestive tract (aerophagia) is normal.1

Almost all infants experience gassiness to some extent.2

Symptoms of gassiness include:1,2

  • Abdominal pain / distension
  • Crying while passing gas
  • Arching
  • Lifting the legs
  • Frequent regurgitation / vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Weight loss

maps 01

  • Educate and support parents
  • Reassure parents that it is normal to find crying aversive
  • Highlight positive features of the baby
  • Consider development of coping strategies to empower parents

pHF: Partially hydrolysed formula; eHF: Extensively hydrolysed formula.