Managing cow's milk allergy

Once your healthcare professional confirms a diagnosis of cow's milk allergy (CMA), you will be in a position to manage your baby’s condition through their diet.

Exclusive breastfeeding is considered the gold standard for feeding babies for the first 6 months of life.1 For those mothers who are unable to exclusively breastfeed, there are multiple formulas available that can be given instead.2

For babies with CMA, hypoallergenic formulas are the recommended alternative to cow’s and mother’s milk.2 These formulas will not cause an allergic reaction in most babies with CMA.

The different types of formula are:

Extensively hydrolysed formula (eHF)

The proteins in these formulas are broken down into small fragments, which do not cause allergic reactions in most babies with CMA3

Alimentum® is an eHF that is prescribed for babies with mild-to-moderate CMA. It can be started from birth and does not need to be switched at 6 months

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Amino acid-based formula (AAF)

These formulas contain the tiny building blocks of protein (amino acids), which are not recognised by the body and will not cause allergic reactions in babies with CMA3

EleCare® is an AAF prescribed for babies with severe CMA. Like Alimentum, it can also be started from birth and does not need to be switched at 6 months

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AAF: amino acid-based formula; CMA: cow’s milk allergy; eHF: extensively hydrolysed formula.

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