My baby’s symptoms and growth

How long will it take for my baby’s symptoms to resolve?

Once your baby has been diagnosed with CMA, their symptoms should begin to ease once cow’s milk has been removed from their diet.

However, every baby is different. For some babies, symptoms may improve within days, while for others it could take a few weeks.

Can CMA affect my baby’s growth?

Your baby’s first year will be the period during which they gain both height and weight the fastest. Typically, a baby will triple their weight within their first 12 months.1

CMA affect my baby’s growth CMA affect my baby’s growth

Food allergies like CMA can affect your baby’s growth if the essential nutrients are not replaced, which is where using the most appropriate formula feed can be of benefit, when breastfeeding is not possible. Your doctor or dietitian are there to provide advice and support to you in managing this condition for your baby.2




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